Security Best Practices for Zoom, WebEx, and others

With COVID-19 and lockdown in place, many schools, and organizations are transitioning towards online lessons and meetings; it is essential to take actions to be cautious to avoid hijacking and teleconferencing threats.

1Firstly, Do not make meetings or classrooms public. In Zoom or any other meeting services, there are two options to make a meeting private: require a meeting password or use the waiting room feature and control the admittance of guests.

2Some platforms also provide settings to Disable attendees Joining the meeting Before the Host; leverage that. Also, As a host, you can disable file-sharing options during the session.

3When there is a possibility, use a co-host who can monitor the list of attendees and their activities.

4Unless you intend to, kindly do not share a link to a teleconference or classroom on an unrestricted publicly available social media post. Share the link directly to specific people.

5Do not maintain a distribution list to send invites, always choose who needs to be as a part of the meeting and include them. Or at the least, clean up your DLs so that, they are up-to-date. It will ensure that only authorized people are a part of the discussions.

6In a classroom kind of atmosphere, ensure that you set up the screen sharing permission to “Host-Only”.

7As an attendee, ensure you’re clicking or attending the right meeting. Phishing is another potential threat, where you may end up clicking on a link, that looks like one, and joining some other meeting/ or land up in any other website which could potentially steal your data.

8With all of this software being so vulnerable to attacks, one of the most important steps you can take is to ensure you are using the latest version of application either on mobile or desktop.

9With most of us staying home during the lockdown, try to use a virtual background so that, your environment and others at home do not appear in the meetings. Although it is more of old school practice, use a webcam cover for your laptops and use Video, only when required.

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