Hello There!


My name is Vijay. I am a blogger, podcaster, and photographer. I’m passionate about Technology evangelism.

The internet has provided us with some amazing ways to do our day-to-day tasks better; sharing content, thoughts, freedom to express, and even getting in touch with friends have never been so simple before. As easy as it sounds, it is equally vulnerable to attacks. It is important for us to be aware of these, understand security and privacy best practices. My Podcast is primarily aimed at that. Hopefully, you would find it interesting.

A little more details if you’re keen:

I’m a Cyber Security Manager with over 15 years of experience focusing on Risk Management, Endpoint Security, Product Onboarding, Architecture Reviews, Customer Trust, Third-Party Risk Programs, and Internal Controls. I have experience working with various Control Frameworks implementations and multiple Risk Analysis Models.

I have been a speaker at conferences and a few user group communities.